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Eastern Section

Binghamton Area


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Leagues (As Of 12/22/17)

2017 Tri Level Women (11/13/16 - 01/29/17) 2017 18&Over Mixed (01/08/17 - 04/23/17) 2017 18&Over Men (05/22/17 - 07/26/17) 2017 40&Over Women (05/23/17 - 07/25/17) 2017 18&Over Women (05/24/17 - 07/24/17) 2017 55&Over Women (08/01/17 - 08/22/17)

Championship Matches (As Of 12/24/2017)

Sub-Flight Included in ratings Flight Included in ratings Area Included in ratings District Included in ratings Region Included in ratings Section Included in ratings National NOT included in ratings yet

*** TLS Rating Requirements ***

A player will have a rating of 'n/a' until the player completes at least three matches in the same league flight during the current USTA season, or completes at least one Championship match. Combo and Mixed League results are reported but do not count towards a TLS rating. Tri Level League and Tournament results are not reported on the TLS website.

Player Totals By NTRP Level TLS Rating NTRP Range Level Men Women

Not Rated 34 26 1.01 - 1.50 1.5 0 0 1.51 - 2.00 2.0 0 2 2.01 - 2.50 2.5 3 6 2.51 - 3.00 3.0 9 25 3.01 - 3.50 3.5 25 34 3.51 - 4.00 4.0 13 12 4.01 - 4.50 4.5 1 2 4.51 - 5.00 5.0 2 0 5.01 - 5.50 5.5 0 0 ----- ----- 87 107 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

How To Read The TLS Rating Lists

Click on a player name to go to the player's TennisLink USTA League Player Record page. Age Division is an indication of the oldest age level league that the player played in, but all age level leagues played in are included in the stats. TLS Rating of "n/a" means that the player was not rated by TLS. TLS Rating is GREEN when the player's TLS rating is higher than their USTA rating in effect for this season. TLS Rating is RED when the player's TLS rating is lower than their USTA rating in effect for this season. Year-End NTRP Rating Level is GREEN if the player was rated up by the USTA. Year-End NTRP Rating Level is RED if the player was rated down by the USTA. On the league summary lines on the Detail lists: TLS Rating of "n/r" - TLS ratings were not calculated for the league. Combo, Mixed, and Tri-Level leagues are not rated by TLS. TLS Rating of "Insu" - Stands for Insufficient. The player did not complete at least three matches in the same league flight.
2017 TLS Rating Lists
Section - Eastern           District - Western Region           Area - Binghamton
Men's Summary Men's Detail Women's Summary Women's Detail
Alpha Rating Rating Alpha Rating Rating
Facility Order Order Order Order Order Order
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ALL PLAYERS 87 87 87 107 107 107
(Players are listed under all facilities they played at)
Binghamton Parks & Recreation Dept. 9 9 9
Binghamton Tennis Center 59 59 59 52 52 52